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  1. right on. i will have to take it to a local shop. i don't trust guitar center. any idea what something like this can cost? hopefully this is the issue and can be remedied. i'd hate to have to rack up a power amp so i can run 1/4" direct out from the head and back out to power my 4x12. trying to see what will be more cost effective at this point tho. sigh. thank you so much for your help.
  2. from what i've been reading, i should try a ReFlash of my vetta II HD. but i've only heard horror stories about people bricking their units in the process. is there a safe way for me to reflash my vetta without having to worry that it won't come back? maybe a pre 2.5 version? haven't flashed it since 2009-2010. please help. definitely need this issue fixed in a few weeks.
  3. well i'm running everything into my Furman Power Conditioner, so i would think that would help eliminate any ground loops. i've plugged it into different outlets in different rooms as well. nothing different. could this be my Monster speaker cable? or are the electrolytic caps a common issue once these amps get some age? something i could check/repair myself? thanks so much.
  4. i just discovered that the hum is constant without my noise gate turned on. so i'm guessing the swell i'm hearing is the gate kicking in after a quick chunk riff. so, why is every channel so hissy and hummy?????
  5. i recently went back to using my Vetta II HD and re-bought a Marshall 1960B. i had been using my PODxt PRO with only the direct out for live applications. well, i upgraded my guitar as well. went from a Godin XTSA (with passive pickups) to an Epiphone Phophecy Les Paul Custom Plus EX (with an EMG 81 in the bridge and an 85 in the neck...all from the factory). I loved EMG's when i used them from 2003-2007. never had issues. from the moment i've tried my new setup at rehearsal, i get a weird static/hum swell after stacatto palm mutes. like a delayed compressor kicking in for 1-2 seconds after i stop. it doesn't seem to happen on my guitars with passive pickups. but the sound only comes out of my cab, not through the PA via XLR direct out of the head. Is this an electrical grounding issue? i've tried different outlets in the basement and the issue remains. i use monster cables at rehearsal, but i have a Line 6 Relay G90 that i use live. i cannot figure out where the problem i'm going to try some foam between the bridge and tailpiece as well as behind the nut on the headstock....i dont know this is where the issue is coming from, but i can't seem to find any forums where other people are experiencing this. any help would be appreciated.
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