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  1. What I'm experiencing is difficulty setting the volume where i want it to be, not changing it whilst playing. Its just like using an amp that you can't dial in the volume level you need. If i think its quiet then try to turn it up a bit, it turns up loads and when i turn it down it cab even just mute out. This is a problem and i'm sure if it was on a normal amp it would need a repair. I'm a big fan of Helix, just not this particular glitch that this update has.
  2. what i mean is that there is the background sound of a guitar plugged in, but no sound from the strings. Exactly as you'd hear on a valve amp with a guitar plugged in, you'd be aware of how loud the sound is likely to be from the level of background noise. Especially with single coils.
  3. Honestly, on my Helix, this is not subtle. its much more pronounced than that.
  4. It makes not difference if you have sound through it or not, the increase in volume is erratic and feels uncontrollable.
  5. Hi I did. I use the volume as i'm feeding the signal in to a line 6 stage source with its volume set and so the volume on the helix is closer to hand for master vol type adjustments. The changes are far from subtle, they are more like leaps in volume to be fair.
  6. Hi Just loaded up 2.20 with no issues during the upload but I now have a problem. The volume control on the front, next to the phones vol, jumps the volume up in stages rather than smoothly as it did before the upload. It reacts much like a valve amp does, not on, then on loud except that it has this effect all the way through so there is no smooth transition from silent to very loud. Anyone else finding this?
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