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  1. All is well. Managed to complete the update from my wife's Mac. Which is great, for as long as we have a Mac. Not great that it doesn't work with a PC though.
  2. Thanks cbrillo Going to give the Technical Support a call tomorrow - luckily I'm working from home tomorrow or I'd have to take time off work to make the call with my amp and PC to hand. You're right though - judging by the number of forum posts about failed software updates and associated problems, it seems to be a common issue. To be honest, if I'd read what I'm reading now before I bought the amp, I probably would have bought something else.
  3. I've been trying most of the afternoon to update the software to 2.6 on my new Amplifi 30 on a PC. I have installed the Line 6 Driver and the Updater v1.12. When I first loaded the Update v1.09 was what seemed to be billed as the most up to date version, but on first opening the updater there was a message saying there was a newer version, so I updated to that. I just keep getting a message telling me the update to 2.6 has failed, and the Line 6 advice is to hold the Tone Select and Tap buttons whilst rebooting the amp into Update Mode. This seems to make no difference at all, and I'm getting the same update failure messages. I've also tried different USB ports in the PC, again no difference. I had also disabled the Windows Defender Smartscreen as advised before trying the updates. The amp is now in recovery mode and seems to be unusable. The advice in the FAQs if this happens is to complete the update, which is like a bad joke given that's what caused the problem in the first place. I have read that some have been able to use Bluetooth to do the update, but now the remote app can't seem to see the amp, so it looks like I am stuck with an unusable amp. Only had the amp a week and was really enjoying it, but this experience has pretty taken the shine right off things. Anybody got any ideas on what I can do to get the amp working? Thanks in advance Graeme
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