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  1. First of all kudos to everyone getting a working solution on their G10 receivers. I too have a unit where the mini USB has gone. I even got as far as removing the casing before admitting to myself that my electronics and soldering skills are probably not what they'd need to be... So I spoke with Line6, and pushed the idea of getting only the nice metal 9v G10S. (As I have a good working G10T and they are worth £79 new on the Andertons web site.) So it turns out they have a little known SKU, GRELAYG10SRUK, which is purely for the receiver unit. Zero Google results for that code. So I followed up with the good people at Andertons and they have kindly added it to their catalogue for £179, saving £59 on the full version including the transmitter: https://www.andertons.co.uk/line-6-relay-g10s-digital-wireless-guitar-system-receiver-only
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