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  1. That helped me. I got both FS-5U set - to scroll bank up/down. I appreciate the help. Thank you.
  2. I have 2 Boss FS-5U Footswitches that I am trying to assign to Exp 1/2 of Helix HX Stomp and for the life of me I cannot get it done! All I want to do is control the up/down of presets. Why is this so difficult? Can anyone help? It is plugged into EXP 1/2 with a y cable. Thank you.
  3. My old school Pod 2.0 sounds fantastic thru headphones. My Helix Stomp sounds horrible thru headphones. All the presets sound thin and buzzy. This so called high level expensive unit should not be that difficult to use with headphones! Is there an adjustment that can be made on the eq? All I want is to sit on my couch and play thru the stomp with my headphones. And I can't. So I am just about ready to ship this back.
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