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  1. The response from Line 6 support... They say this isn't supported. "The XLR output on the G10 is meant to send a Line level signal to a PA system or Interface. Its not meant for a guitar amp's input jack. If you want to connect to a guitar amp, you'll need to use just the 1/4 output on the G10. If you need to use two amps, it would benefit you most to use a ABY switcher." So, am I correct that some have this working? I know I've seen it done on YouTube. To be fair, their response is what the G10 manual says. Sadly...
  2. As requested, here's the update... I just opened a new cable from Amazon, the Hosa PF-110 linked by MusicLaw which is the same as I already had from SweetWater, and the problem continues. Both my Amplifi and Fender Blues Jr hum like mad if fed from the XLR port on the G10. Both work as expect if using a normal 1/4" guitar cable. Same power strip, no CFL bulbs, etc. Looks like I'll be moving this to Line 6 support. Thanks to all for making sure I wasn't missing the obvious. I'll post back when I have some resolution.
  3. Thanks for the response! For the record, I did have all the devices, amps and G10, in the same power strip. Also, one amp is tube, a Blues Jr, and the other a Line 6 Amplifi. Same result on both. Because of this I had assumed it was a wrong or bad cable. The cable you listed is the cable I have in the 10 foot length. Looks like the cable is a dud. Time to try another cable. Thanks again...
  4. I would like to run my G10 to two amps using both outputs, but can't seem to get it to work. I have an unbalanced XLR to 1/4" TS cable, but all I get when I plug it in is a load hum. This happens in both amps. What am I missing here? Do I have the right cable? Or is it a bad (new) cable? Thanks!
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