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  1. If I hit the manual button, I have nothing. I turned all knobs, even volume and master volume to max and still nothing. I thought "maybe I have to save to a preset", so I tried to do that. Still nothing. Just silence when I select that preset. What am I doing wrong? Recap: I have no sound when going to manual button or trying to save any settings while in manual setting.
  2. Well,I ordered the shortboard. It arrived with the pedal completely broken away from the board. Waiting now to see if the company I ordered it from will refund or what. I have already been told it was the last one they had so it cannot be replaced and Line 6 is discontinuing so they cannot get another. Doesn't sound good.
  3. I have the spider IV 75. I found the other presets by messing with knobs.. Thanks. I have another thread started with questions about foot controllers.
  4. I have the Spider IV 75. I am trying to decide between the FBV expressMKII or the Shortboard MKII. Iknow there is a little more functionality with the shortboard, but how usable is just the express? Will be usingit mainly for playing live, Is the express enough for a run of the mill not used to midi guy like me? Or is the shortboard so much better it is no comparison? I guess I need to know how much more control does the shortboard give me truthfully.
  5. I recently purchased my first Line 6 product. Is there a way to access the 300 or so presets without a foot board? Thanks
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