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  1. The screen says the update has worked. Great, and so it has. Turn the thing off and on again - and the 4 'update failed' lights are blinking. Turn it off and on again holding down the tone and volume and everything seems OK - no four flashing lights...except the tone I had saved earlier had disappeared and been replaced with the pre-installed one. Same story updating via ipad and pc. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. Hi. Yes, all those presets sound scratchy and trebly. When you hear those bands you mention a lot of the hi frequency detail gets lost in the mix with other frequencies, lost being picked up by a microphone, and lost in post recording editing. If I try to get a full fat sound I'll use less rather than more distortion, reduce 'presence' to zero, and will make sure my guitar volume isn't louder than any backing track or song. I also use a pedal overdive rather than one built into the Amplifi, and reduce the treble as much as possible on the pedal. And, just keep experimenting particularly with something like Amplifi as there must be thousands of combinations. Sooner or later you'll find a sound you like.
  3. i mean control my amplifi 75 and fx100. oops
  4. can one amplifi app be used to control both my amplifi app and my fx100? if so, how?
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