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  1. Hi All, I was wondering after hours of looking on here if its possible to use the bottom four switches (which usually changes the banks) to be used the same as the top four purely to turn on and off effects without switching to another bank? Basically i want to run the top four pedals at the sametime and then add the other four during playing but obvisouly the bottom four switches will change the bank and turn the top four off. Any help or advice would be appreciated alot! As it would save me a fortune on buying single pedals. Thanks!
  2. Hi All, Ive had my HD500x for a few months and have been using it with my AC30 using the 4cm so i only use my AC30s amp. Basically what i want to do now is only use the HD500x for modualtion etc so delays, reverbs, echo. Then i would use overdrives and wahs as single stompboxes as thats what i have. Just wondered what would be the cable method to create this, ive tried it before using the HD500x send and return into the AC30s send and return and when i turn on effects no sounds appears. Also Do i now need to move the little switch on the back that state Line-Stomp to Stomp now as i am using stompboxes alongside the HD500x Any help would be grateful! Thanks
  3. Hi all Im trying to get the Noel (Oasis) sound via my HD500x. I am using my Vox ac30s preamp so only using effects. Anybody got any recomendations (with settings) for the effects ill need? Ie Tubescreamer, Delay etc Cheers
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