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  1. Thanks for all the responses. I took all the suggestions here and finally found the tone I was chasing. I used the ANGL METEOR amp, tweaked it some, then added a few pedals. I now have a super tight, aggressive tone. This is the tone that I have been dreaming of. I will post it on the Line 6 site for download when I get a chance. I am really happy that I have been a long supporter of Line 6 since I got the Spider II a long time ago. The Helix is simply amazing.
  2. Thanks for all the responses...I will try them when I get off from work.
  3. I will try that. It seems like it does it for all my gutars. I think I tried input padding...I usually play cranked volume on my guitars. Do you lower the volume of your guitar when you play?
  4. I am in serious need of some help. I have the Line 6 helix. I was playing it through a Mesa Boogie Mark V 35 amp. I spent a whole weekend trying to get a nice, tight metal tone. The tone sounds good, except when I mute chords...I get this muddy tone that I cannot get rid of. I tried using the effects loop, plugging into the return, and even plugging in the front. Messing around with the EQ. I get very little bass, and when I do increase it, it sounds so muddy. I am trying to get a tone like George Lynch...and playing Mr Scary on the beginning muted notes, and sounds like trash. So after paying 1500 dollars for the Helix, and 1800 dollars for the head, I went and purchased the Line 6 power cab. I still get muddy results. I know it must be something I am doing. I have used a Strat with a Shawbucker, An ESP with EMG 81 and an 85. Can anyone give me advice on how to clean up my tone? I just spent the weekend and looking at lots of YouTube vids and just cannot achieve it. So, I just ordered a Horizon Precision pedal that is supposed to help "tighten" my tone...That was also 230 bucks. Help! I am going broke chasing my tone! Charlie
  5. Hello, I am getting some slight volume cutting out when I heavily palm mute chords. Usually occurs on higher gain patches. Anyone else notice this using Spider IV 120? Thanks, Charlie
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