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  1. Rencast

    Spider valve hd100 cabinet

    Ok thanks. Sorry to bother u again, got another question. When I play it loud it sounds like it's clipping, would it be the amp head causing it on the speakers cause it's too much power ? Or could there be something wrong with the head itself. When I plug in my spider iv hd150 combo to the cabinet it sounds fine, doesn't clip...
  2. Rencast

    Spider valve hd100 cabinet

    But does it go A,B,or C on the amp head?
  3. Need some help, don't know much about this, just purchased a spider valve hd100 that I want to connect with a line 6 cabinet 4x12, 150 watts per side, 8ohms, can I do this or do I need another cabinet?
  4. I have the line 6 spider iv 150w guitar combo and want to know if I can connect a 4x12 line 6 halfstack to it ?