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  1. some of those active monitors are in the moer in the hundreds for now... so just to clarify, that would sound loud and powerful enough to gig with? it wont be thin and weak? please forgive the noob questions my store doesnt carry rocktron, would this be comparable: ART Pro Audio - Studio Linear 2x200W ?
  2. i could buy a pa, and a cabinet, and itd be a better setup for me. this is a completely new concept to me. love the pod though! say i wanted to get mesa's 2x12 vertical cab. what would be the most economical pa i could get that would push power to that cab, so it sounds like a real guitar in, not weak, and that i would be able to actually play over acoustic drums? is that even possible? or no matter what pa i got, it would never sound as powerful as a real guitar amp? please and thank you!
  3. thanks for the far so good...lets hope it stays that way! cheers!
  4. there was a spider 150, inspected in 2014, in another city. my 2 questions are: 1. is there a difference in hardware between one from 2012, and one from 2014? this one was also covered in dust, there was no box, or booklet with it, and on the way out the sales man was like, oh ya, by the way, with this amp you will notice that when you turn it on, some random effects may turn turn this off you need to turn the phazer and echo dials up, then off, and this will reseet this problem... 2. is that accurate? that i can expect to have to fiddle with the effects knobs as they may turn on randomly? thank you.
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