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  1. So, I've been dealing with this issue for some time. I agree with others who have this problem. I have 2 89f guitars and they BOTH do this. I may need to update my firmware, I'll have to check on that, yet from what I read here that hasn't helped anyone. For the record, yes...no problem without engaging the electronics. Guitar is excellent both feel and sound wise. As soon as the electronics are engaged, it's almost unusable for "chugging" hard rock tunes. Low E string is literally HIDEOUS. Also, I have had these professionally set up by my tech. He does ALL my guitars and these are no different. No issues with intonation, fret buzz, pickup height, etc. As mentioned above, without the electronics engaged, it's excellent. I hope that njglover finds a solution...yet I'm not so hopeful if the belief it's a set up issue. From my perspective it is DEFINITELY not that.