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  1. Hello, I have the same issue, At first I bilieved that issue came from my FBV, I even have tried my FBV/EX1 on spider iV without issue. I even have wrote a message under FBV MK2 topic. It will be fair that Line6 remove this functionnility from the documentation in order do not mislead the consumer. If I had known before, I was not going to buy EX-1 pedale and maybe FBV as well. Best Regards, Jean
  2. Following my research in the web, I found line6 archives upport. It's not FBV issue but issue on Spider Jam It seems this is a bug known by Line6 but issue still not fixed since at least 2009. Now I'm really desappointed; Found in the following link. https://be.line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/4347
  3. Many thanks for your reply, I really appreciated. :) Unfortunatly I've read several times documentation, without succes; My configuration is the following: Spider Jam Amp -> FBV footboard MK2 -> External Pedal EX-1 However, I have just tried with an other Amp, It's working very well with the following: Spider IV 75 Amp -> FBV footboard MK2 -> External Pedal EX-1 Also: My Spider Jam Amp contains well the latest Firmare 2.09. Also My Spider should support an external pedale thru FBV MK2 ( In the Spider doc we can see the following). "External Pedal Jack: You can connect an expression pedal (such as the Line 6 EX-1) to the Shortboard’s rear panel 1/4-inch jack, and the connected pedal will control Volume, while the Shortboard pedal controls Wah only." I don't know how can I do :mellow:
  4. Hello All, I have currently a FBV Controllers MKII connected to Spider Jam Amp. I have just bought an external pedal EX-1 Line 6 in order to control volume when my internal pedal from FBV is switched in Wa mode. The problem is, If my Internal FBV pedale is in Wa mode, my External pedale is in Wa mode as well. If my Internal FBV pedale is in volume control mode, my External pedale is in volume control mode as well. How can I do to obtain my Internal pedal in WA mode and, at the same time my External pedal in control volume mode? Many thanks in advance for your help, Jean :)
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