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  1. Thank everyone for your help. I do understand the difference between a speaker model and an IR. What's been confusing me is that when operating the Powercab manually I can seamlessly select what appears to be 19 speaker models. I do not have to access the IR menu on the Powercab to do this - just turn the knob. If the last 6 are in fact IRs would be good to know because my understanding is that IRs are mic'ed up cabs and NOT speaker models. I don't want a line out of my Powercab just speaker. I'll now try to select the "6 IRs" via Helix Edit / IR menu but honestly don't have a good feeling of success. Appreciate all your help - great forum
  2. Hi Per Appreciate the reply. The names of speaker models I supplied were shorthand - the actual ones on the Powercab have the full name as you types. So I think I have 19 speaker models not 13. So I can get the names either as Speaker models using the selection knob on the Powercab or via PC+ software. As speaker models they behave exactly like models 1 - 13 (Vintage - Jetson), however I cannot select them via a preset. Got me wondering if anyone else sees these speaker models on the Powercab? ( and as IRs)
  3. Thanks Per. I followed your instructions and that just allows selection of USER IRs 0 - 127 on the slider. Maybe this i what I need but the speaker tone seems unchanged as I move the slider. My current thinking is that the extra speaker models will be added to the net firmware update as they are already supplied as both speaker models and IRs on the Powercab. I particularly like the WhoWatt can Cali V30 models
  4. Thanks both for quick reply. I can we the additional speakers as both speakers and IRz in Powercab software. Also I can manuallt select them on the Powercab itself. Phil M - I tried FRFR in HX Edit but they did not show PerS - I have models up to Jetson Ok. The six additional ones are: #14 64 A30 #15 59 Tweed #16 64 Deluxe #17 67 Greenback #18 WhoWatt #19 90s Cali V30 Can't understand why Powercab software sees the additional speaker but HX Edit cannot. Anything else I can try?
  5. I'm running a Helix Floor coupled to a Powercab 112 Plus via a L6 Link cable. HX Edit ver 3.11 All working well until I discovered that the Powercab has 6 speaker models not showing in the HX Edit software. HX Edit stops at #13 Jetson speaker but Powercab has these: #14 64 A30 #15 59 Tweed #16 64 Deluxe #17 67 Greenback #18 WhoWatt #19 90s Cali V30 Now these may have been added by the previous owner but I'd like to know how I can call them up in a Helix preset? Thanks for any help
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