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  1. Is it possible to open Gearbox in X3 mode and create a 2 tone blend patch WITHOUT the X3 connected? I've tried this, and can't get past the first steps.... when I select Dual Tone, and go to tone 2, I can't get back to Tone 1, and whatever selections I make in one tone appear in the other.....
  2. Ok- I set up my FBV using the Line 6 FBV Control v1.03 software, connected to the pedal via USB. Switches A, C, and D were set to "No Assignment". Switch B was set to toggle MIDI CC 26, to turn the compressor on/off on the XT. Then I disconnect the Pedal from USB, plug the pedal into the XT, and start pushing the footswitches. All they do is change patches on the XT. Where have I gone wrong? Thanks!
  3. Can anyone please tell me how to back up my entire PODXT with gearbox? I'm on Win XP, and gearbox works fine, but manual is a nightmare - I just want to 1. Back up my whole XT into my computer, then 2. dump all this into another PODXT Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
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