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  1. What in God's name would make a JTV 59 from Japan worth US $8,806.00 on Ebay? There are more than a few of these! Just wondering.............
  2. Does the JTV59 have this feature? Thanks!!
  3. Using Spank for Strat tones, I use Variax sounds on position 1, 3, and 5, and just the magnetics on 2 + 4. When playing a note, getting a kind of "noise" along with the sound - it doesn't really sound like distortion, just distortion-like "sizzle-y"undertone only when string is plucked or even muted.
  4. Does that mean that the acoustic "impulses" would remain the same, and would not sound any different than they do now? Thanks.......
  5. I really love the sounds in my V700 - especially the acoustic sounds. I also have a JTV69s. To me, the acoustic sounds are clanky, with some kind of slight dobro/banjo reverb-y sound that I do not like. 1. I've read that it is possible to flash the JTV69s back (To version 1.72 or something like that)so that it sounds just like the 700. 2. Would I then lose some functionality? In particular, (a) the ability to adjust string volumes per patch, (b) the use of the tuning selector knob, and (c) the "quick capo" feature (d) the ability to blend in/out the magnetic pickups? (e) I would then have to use Workbench, NOT Workbench HD? Thanks!! I use 9s on both guitars - can't change that......
  6. actually, just wondering exactly why the v700 neck won't work with the jt69s......... sorry to be a pain!
  7. 1. Will a Variax 700 neck work on a JTV69s (with mounting holes drilled correctly)? I love that neck.... 2. Will reflashing a JTV69s to 1.7 negate all of the editing capabilities of Workbench? What's to gain or lose by doing this? I like the acoustic sounds better in the Variax 700 better, that's why I'm asking. Thanks
  8. anybody ever see one of these? It would be very handy to have one on the end that plugs into the guitar! Especially when sitting to play...... maybe an adapter? Thanks!
  9. Howdy! I'd like to know if the HD5000x or Helix can emulate a simple whammy bar effect (think Bigsby or old Strat) - at most, up/down 1 whole step, polyphonic, with real good tracking...... like the Ventures would use it.. NOT Dive bombs, or psychotic bumble bees..... thanks
  10. Can anyone tell me the JTV 69 Heel and Neck Pocket Dimensions, in inches and/ mm? And the Variax 700 as well? Depth, width, and length.... Thanks!
  11. JTV69S to x3Live via Variax Digital cable, X3Live into computer via USB cable (not Variax USB adapter), into WorkbenchHD (latest version) - I make an adjustment to a model, then try to upload to JTV69, and WorkBench closes (crashes). Happens in WinXp and Win8. Is this supposed to work? It all works when I use the Variax USB interface, battery in guitar, 1/4 cable plugged in to JTV69 Thanks all.........
  12. i think i'll follow the good advice.................... thanks all
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