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  1. Let's say I set up a patch with an echo as an effect, but toggled off, then save the patch to the unit. Then, during use, I toggle the echo on. Then I select a different patch........... then I go back to the previous patch, and the damn echo is still on...... How can I get patches returned to saved state when re-selected? This is VERY annoying.... Thanks...
  2. I just want to send program changes and use the "amp" knobs on the XT to control the corresponding targets in the HD500x........possible? I've already set the MIDI channels up, and MIDI'ed up the units, but the HD doesn't respond............ Thanks!
  3. On my Pod X3 Live there is a switch that enables you to turn on/off both tones in a Dual Tone patch. I also have a Pod x3 connected to an FBV Shortboard MkII...... is there any way to set up one of the Function switches on the FBV to turn on/off both tones in a Dual Tone patch? Thanks!
  4. try lowering the bass in your hd patch for this model......... when i cut mine down a lot the problem disappeared.............
  5. Don't hear any more high octave doing this - just a different "chorus" effect........................................
  6. I have a faulty selector switch in my variax jtv-69s so I ordered a complete replacement UI pcb from full compass. http://www.fullcompass.com/prod/240928-Line-6-50-02-0321 Does anyone know of any guides or schematics to give me reassurance on replacing these parts correctly?
  7. Hello all.... Using the acoustic 12 string sounds, I've noticed that the higher octave notes don't seem to be there - I've tried to bring them up in volume with workbench, but it doesn't seem to make any difference, especially in the low notes. The 12 string sound seems to be more of a chorus effect than an actual 12 string effect....
  8. psarkissian you really amaze me! Always responding.......... you are VERY diligent!
  9. I have the same problem with that model (JTV69, all acoustic models)- there are howling harmonic resonances all over the place! Had to use a Behringer feedback destroyer in parametric mode to control 10 flagrant problems. My Variax 700 shows no tendency to do this. If it weren't for the much better 12 string models and the individual model string volume capability, I would switch back to the 700 - I prefer the 6 string acoustics in the 700 - no "boxy" sound.
  10. If I tweak a patch (not saving it), then select another patch, and then return to the first patch, it's still tweaked.... It would seem to me that once you step on a footswitch to recall a preset, it would come up in the saved version, not the temporarily tweaked version. Especially with dual patches - if I disable "dual", and then step again, it should re-enable dual - sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. This happens on both my x3 pedals........
  11. Howdy! Does the humbucker on this critter have a split coil so I can use just a single coil in the bridge position? Primarily to use it this way in positions 2 and 4 for the "quack" - the JTV69 sss has the best magnetics quack I ever heard!
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