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  1. Possibly try a factory reset. Hold down the master volume knob and tone button as you power up the unit. If it works then you can update again.
  2. Hey Bug, Did you decide to take the amp back? Quick update, my amp is currently still in the repair shop. They had to order a new circuit board which takes a couple weeks arrive. I'm hoping that is the only problem and I will be able to get it back in a couple of weeks. BennyFish
  3. Hey dugbug, I have the exact same problem with my amplifi 150. Good luck getting anyone on the phone, but line 6 emailed me instructions to try and reset the system to default settings. Unfortunately, mine would not stay on long enough for me to do anything. They then told me to take it to an authorized service center since it is still under warranty. I have yet to do so considering the nearest one is 2.5 hours away, but I do plan to take it sometime this week or the next. Let me know if you find anything further, and I'll do the same. Sincerely, BennyFish
  4. Hey man, I'm having the same sort of issue. I power mine on, everything lights up, although dull, and then immediately cuts off as if it was shorted. All anyone has told me, including the support staff, is to send it into a certified service location to have it fixed. This is annoying considering the only location near me is 2 1/2 hours away. I haven't even looked at the cost of shipping yet. Like you, I'm really mad that I spent the money on mine. I hope that you are in a location near a certified service provider because that seems to be the only way to get anything done. Good luck! Let me know if you find any more information on the flaw. I'm sending mine in sometime soon and I'll try to keep everyone updated. -Ben
  5. Has anyone else experienced this sort of problem? I'm interested on what could possibly cause this.
  6. First let me iterate, this is not a bluetooth connectivity problem. Another usual day. I go to turn on my Amplifi 150, and it slightly powers on then cuts off. By slightly I mean that they lights come on but are very dim and then cut off pretty much immediately. I have tried it a few times at different outlets, on different circuits, and at completely different houses with the same issue. So far my troubleshooting has brought me no success in fixing the issue. My first thought was a fuse blew, but then the power shouldn't come on at all, correct? Another thought I had was an update problem, but the amp will not turn on long enough to update. Has anyone ever experienced this before? Or any other thoughts on the matter? I haven't gone exploring in the back yet because I am still under warranty. Thank you all for your help.
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