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  1. Hi folks, Anybody know if the Variax usb interface connected to a Mac would allow Logic Pro x to receive input from the guitar? I am hoping to avoid using a mic. I also have both a firehawk and an amplifi available if one of those is required but I was kind of wanting to just use the guitar directly into the DAW. thanks!
  2. Just starting and stopping the loop At any Tim e without having to map it And to erase it
  3. Man this thing would be so much nicer if the loop back state and button controls were always accessible. Right now I have to mod tones to map the looper to a pedal button and play aggravating morse code to program it. I gotta sign up for that idea thing line 6 does
  4. Old thread but damn I would love acoustic nylon model
  5. The firehawk. It makes the Amplifi irrelevant but does exactly what you want. I have the Amplifi 75 and firehawk pedal board with an 89f I just put the Amplifi in a 'clean' model and get all the line 6 models from firehawk. It works largely the same as other line 6 effects boards but can power your Variax and configure the Variax tones and tunings directly
  6. You could skip Bluetooth with the pedal board accessory
  8. For those that have searched to this thread something you have to always do is make sure you have the battery charged and in your variax as well as an audio jack plugged in, otherwise the guitar will not use the battery and it WILL NOT use usb power. Does not matter if you plug the audio jack into an amp, it just has to be fully inserted into the guitar. Then the variax will talk over vdi-to-usb to your software. I always forget the need to insert 1/4" cable and have a temporary panic :)
  9. I wish we could do this so badly. A wireless rechargeable vdi box with battery clipped to belt and enet cable to jtv
  10. There is a known bug changing the first bank of tones that causes you to have to do a factory reset and re pair Bluetooth. Create a ticket with support so they know your Amplifi is affected.
  11. I never use the bar on any of my variaxes. Put ultra light 9s on the thing and the playability of the 89F is superb. Sometimes during play though I slip the high or low E strings off the neck, but thats just me :)
  12. Yes they are great and I bend a lot (I hate whammy bars). With the Floyd rose on the 89f it's like an Angels kiss. Not sure I played enough with the 10s to detect any tone differences (if there is its damn subtle) but I would rather have my fingers remain intact :)
  13. There is a known bug that you cannot change bank 1 presets and it SUCKS. You have to do a factory reset (you don't have to replace the firmware, just boot holding down volume and tone buttons) to recover the corrupted flash. Like many of you I run firehawk effects to my amp, and prefer the amp to be dumb and clean so changing the default is desired. Call line 6 to make sure they know you have this problem. -d
  14. wow not a fan of that look. I can appreciate the approach line 6 took.
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