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  1. Well, obviusly I'm not part of the line6 staff but I think could be a good thing write the fixes we'll like show in our Amplifi products. -The first one probably be fix the conection problems with some kind of Android devices. -Fix "Bender" efect. (Bender – This effect lets you control a change of pitch using an FBV pedal connected to a AMPLIFi. You can set one amount of pitch shift for the heel position of the pedal, and another amount of pitch shift for the two, then rock on the pedal to change pitch from one setting to another.) I like show it working properly. -Sometimes when I play music with the cellphone linked with the Amplifi I can't listen anything and only works after turn off the bluetooth and the Amplifi and conect both again. Well what about you? What fixes you like see soon? (Sorry about my English)
  2. So... Someone from de official staff of line6 can tell to the croud if we can controll it with the expression pedal or if in the next update will be done?
  3. Hi again. Finally I get the shortboard mk1 and rule OK with the Amplifi75 :) Now I have another doubt. When I select the bender efect I cant do it work with the expresion pedal. Can someone help me? Thank you.
  4. Hi all. Can someone say if the mk1 work fine with the amplifi75? I saw the compatibily chart but i didnt find the mk1. Someone try it? What are the diferences between each other? I know the mk2 have usb port but i wanna know if i can use like Rowbi use the mk2 in the video. Sorry for my english but i do by best. :'( Thank you all.
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