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  1. Thanks for the feedback, man. It's greatly appreciated. I've done a few stereo setups for my Helix, as well as a few mono. I figure it best to have both. Most of my shows are fly gigs, so I could take one for mono setup. Or...yet another thought, buy a Seymour Duncan Power Stage and just run through a backline cab. It's good to have options.
  2. What you've mentioned about a wet path was really cool. Now since I'm a newb to all of this stuff (I never really did anything more than plug into a stack and play), it makes me wonder if you could pick up ANOTHER Amplifi second hand and run stereo...or is that absolutely moot because of the Amplifi's stereo speakers? Buying one seems cheaper than picking up a Power Cab or two. Also, I thought about the IDCore 150 from Blackstar. $270 and it has the "Wide Stereo" speaker setup. Thanks. I was thinking that you might have to use a Y adapter.
  3. Not meaning to drag a dead thread back to life but this was the question that I had, as well. While it's been a while since I've used my Amplifi 150, I wonder if you could just assign a preset with absolutely ZERO effects on it to one of your four main channels on the Amplifi and then run your Helix through that "clean" channel? By doing so, you eliminate the need of the Bluetooth compatibility component of the amp. The question then becomes how to hook it up? You've got a 1/4 guitar jack, a USB jack, and the headphone jack on the Amplifi. That's it. For someone with that amp, it might be nice to utilize it instead of having to purchase an FRFR speaker. Anyone have thoughts on how to hook it up or thoughts on using it in this fashion?
  4. Thanks, man. I will give this a shot in the A.M.
  5. No, I haven't. I will try that this weekend when I have a day off. Sorry for the delay in response.
  6. When I turn on the Amplifi, the bluetooth flashes, but when I try to pair it with my phone, nothing happens.
  7. I recently replaced my Galaxy S5 with the S7 Edge. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Amplifi app and still, my device will not pair with the Amplifi. Has anyone else had this issue and more importantly, how did you fix it?
  8. How are y'all actually getting the volume of each of your tones to line up? Each time I use a Line 6 tone or one that I've created, the volume is all over the place.
  9. Just curious if anyone has actually gigged this amp yet. If so, what size venue and how did it work out? My concerns are reliability with the bluetooth. I've been debating on getting a different amp for live playing...just wanted to garner some thoughts.
  10. Well, I'm using a 2012 Macbook Pro. My device reads the Amplifi 150, but when I choose as the interface with LogicPro X, all I get is massive feedback. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm a home recording newbie, so this is killing me-especially because the amp package in Logic Pro X is pure $#!T. I also have a killer ribbon mic/SM57 setup...just can't get levels right. I'm really, really new at this, LOL.
  11. I found that this worked for me. Unpair your phone from the amp. It sounds like you've updated your firmware already, which is a good thing. Next, do the hard reset as described in your manual (factory reset). Then pair your phone. That's what worked for me. http://line6.com/support/topic/11057-tones-not-changing-with-bluetooth-paired/
  12. Sorry man, I don't check this forum a lot because I'm recording a great deal these days. The hard reset is the factory reset as described in your manual. Do your firmware update, unpair your phone, and do the reset. After doing this, pair your phone again and it should work. Again, sorry for the late response.
  13. Now that I've got it working, I dig it so far. The tones are a bit stronger than on the Pod Live XT that I have, too. I think there's a trick to slowing music down to half speed as you're learning it. That's what I have to figure out next. Between that and the Paul GIlbert guitar school, I'm hoping my lead playing grows exponentially in the next few months.
  14. I called Sweetwater and they actually gave me the solution, which I'm copy/pasting from my tech support ticket. I got it to work today. Hard reset while phone is UNPAIRED. After that, I paired the phone and it worked well. I've already managed to save a lead tone for myself. I hope this helps anyone with the same problem in the future.
  15. I have also done a hard reset multiple times. Any info would be helpful.
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