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  1. November 30, got an email from Yorkville repairs, stating they are still waiting for parts. Almost four months now, waiting on one part
  2. comes in loud and clear on both speakers of my pa.
  3. ive used an rca cable with the headphone jack on one side. Run that into the return inputs and set path 2 as return 1/2. works great
  4. Now see, I could understand that if its a back order but at least tell a guy that. All I got told was its out of their hands now and would call me when it comes back. Thanks a lot for the input, I started this thread in frustration but feel much better now.
  5. it started off at Long and Mquade in Saskatoon. Im not 100 percent sure where it would have been sent from there
  6. It started at a "authorized service centre" but then had to be sent to their main centre. It was the 1/4" guitar input that was faulty.
  7. Wondering if anyone has had their Variax sent in for repairs for a faulty input and if so, how long before your guitar was returned to you? My shop has had my guitar for almost two months now and they have no answers or ETA as to when I can expect it back. Just curious if anyone else has run into this kind of downtime.
  8. It was bought second hand, so not sure if warranty will still cover it. Yes, fully charged battery is being used
  9. Just recently, the 1/4 inch input on my standard has stopped working. VDI cable still works fine, just prefer using the guitar cable. Ive tracked down the replacement piece but wondering if anyone could tell me the difficulty in changing one. Looks like its one connector and a grounding screw, just don't want to get into it and find i cant complete the repair myself.
  10. I thought about that but worried about volume. Then realized that's not any different than going direct to front of house. I think that may be the answer I'm looking for
  11. I originally bought my LT for guitar use but thanks to the sweet tones inside, my love for the bass has come back. For the time being, I'm running the Helix into the effects return of an Eden EC10. For home use, this works great but the time is coming that I'm going to want to play with others and this little 40 watt isn't going to cut it. So I'm wondering what other bass players that use the Helix are running onstage. I'm more interested in a combo unit over a head and cab setup although if the price is right, I'm not opposed. Suggestions?
  12. I've noticed when tuning the high e string on my variax standard, my tuner goes crazy until I mute my low e string. turned my amp a bit, definitely is some crosstalk between the piezos. Anyone else have experience in this or any type of fix? Guitar was just set up and other than that, plays perfect with the mags and the piezos.
  13. Ive been running mine into the stereo fx return of a Fender Mustang IV v2. if you move the effects loop, it bypasses everything and you can use the cabinet sims no problem. As for volume, the two combined can get insanely loud. Ive never had the amp over 3 and usually run the amplifi about 1/4 of the run ring
  14. Tried this out and it works great. Separate amp tones and you can switch between no problem.
  15. I have been using my FX100 through my PA speakers, which really works amazing but recently bought a Fender Mustang IV. I've run the pedal through the FX return, which also gives great results. Now im wondering if I used the a/b/y box and had my guitar running into it, then having one output going into the front of the Mustang, to use the Mustangs modelling and effects, and the other into the effects return to use the pedals fx and modelling, will this split the signal so I am only using one at a time? (sorry for the long question.)
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