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  1. Hi, with a Behringer FCB1010, you cannot control enough CChange parameters. But the Behringer BCF 2000 or BCR 2000 let you control every parameter of the DT50, and you can even store 32 "presets" (i.e A and B channels sounds) in it. It is not a foot controler, but you can send Prg Change messages to BCF 2000 with a foot controler...
  2. Bonjour, I'm a new owner of a DT50 head, and I love the sound! In fact, this is my second DT50, the first died mysteriously after 15 days. The dealer replaced it two month ago, and so far so good.... I use a Behringer BCF2000 to manage sounds without a podHD : one "sound" (i.e channel A and channel B) of the DT50 can be completly recalled ( preamp,drive, vol, eq, reverb,HP...everything) with aboute 50 bytes sended with differents midi CC on channel1. The BCF2000 can edit all the DT50parameters with his motorised faders and rotary knobs, and there are 32 memory locations to store the settings, i.e. 32 "sounds" as described above. The difference with the 4 small memories in the DT50 is that your can store "everything" in the BCF2000, and therefore dont get anymore problems of volume when you switch sounds. You call recall the presets with CC or with BCF2000 Buttons. Downfall : you still have then to press two buttons of the BCF to send the snapshot to the DT50, hard to do with the feet! I join a zip with a sysex of the template for the BCF a a small sheet with the rôle of the buttons.I hope this will help.
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