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  1. Id like to share my experiences on searching for a usefull desktop (no Phone, no tablet, no iOS) solution for using Amplifi Remote and Spider App. My solution is "Remix OS" on an old laptop with Bluetooth. Everybody has such an old relic, which is to slow for Windows 10 or so. Take it, install Remix OS (what means an Desktop-based Android 6), put Spider App and/or Amplifi Remote on it and ... ta,tat,ta it works! The best with Remix is, Your laptop runs fast and You can use Android in multi-windows mode. So it is possible to use both Apps and GuitarTabs and and concurrently. Since Ive done this, I never had any Probs with Bluetooth connection and so on. Maybe also for You it is a testing worth it. DiSch, Potsdam, Germany
  2. What the hell have You done! After hours of time getting the Amplifi 75 working for the first time (ask a friend for an iPad; sitting; trying; checking; trying again) until today I get same old problems like 3 months ago. Firmware update is breaking up (whithout any reason); conncetions cancel; 4 lights flashing and the good impressions are blown away... I tried to reconnect via Android- it says install "Line 6 updater" on PC. Did it. Update fails thousand times because of USB connection problems. Windows says "amplify is connected" via USB... Nice idea to let all possible lights flashing around X-mas... but I cant laugh about that! The Line 6 Amplifi is such a good idea, with such a bad software solution. Am I right, that I have to lend me an iPad again to set the thing back to Firmware v1 to make it work again? P.S. Why is Line 6 not able to create a good, stable and modern software for the Amplifier? I think a lot of people would give You a fair payment for a good solution. DiSch, from Potsdam, Germany
  3. Hi there, well, I borrowed an iPad from a friend, because update over the third (!) PC failed. Surprise- update worked. It only took around an hour. Amplify on iPad told me- it is commected and Amplify 75 has the newest firmware. Made a factory reset -> no problem, all the same. Tried to connect via bluetooth from my Android device- ok, connection established. But Amplify Remote App says the Amplify device found has an old firmware and needs to be updated ???? Any suggestion, why I still cant use Android? (or where to get an old iPad for free?) DiSch
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