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  1. There is absolutely something wrong with the USB input on the receiver. I, too, used this unit for two gigs and twice at home so, four times. The fifth time I went to use it the usb cable would not plug in all the way and it would not power on. upon inspection I noticed that the flimsy pins inside the micro usb port had been mashed down and bent on the left side. None of my other devices with a micro USB port had ever done this before after being plugged and unplugged dozens or hundreds of times (cell phones etc..) but this unit was completely toast after being plugged and unplugged FIVE TIMES. Unfortunately, for me, I was beyond the time limit for any sort of a return and now I am stuck with a $200 paperweight that I can't even figure out how to disassemble to try and replace the garbage port, myself. I think it's fair to say that Line 6 owes us all a replacement receiver, as we all know that it's garbage. You guys have my email.
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