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  1. This is great stuff. I know with the Helix it is a huge learning curve. Thank you for posting this. Do you have more definitions? Thank you again. Stay safe out there.
  2. Hi all, I hope you are all well and staying safe out there. I have a question I the Android Galaxy Note 10+ phone and I need a guitar interface to connect to it. I am trying to use the Spider Remote app. I have the apogee jam but I think it is only iOS compatible. I have the OTG Cable to connect to it (my phone has USB-C Port to charge it), the unit needs to come with headphone jack, so I can practice. Thank you.
  3. Hi everybody, I'm all excited, just ordered my Line 6 Helix Floor, can't wait to get it. I have a question for all of you, can any of you recommend a small stand to put my Helix on? I plan on keeping it on the floor when I am practicing, but when I finish and putting it away, I don't want to keep it on floor. Can anyone of you wonderful bright spots help? Thanks..
  4. Hey Codamedia, thank you for responding! I was thinking of purchasing a Variax guitar myself. A couple of other options, I'll just use the Mosaic pedal as part my pedalboard. Or just get a 12 String guitar. Which model Variax do you have? Thank you again.
  5. Hello everybody, hope all is well. I have a question for all of you bright spots out there. I own the HX Stomp and I am loving. I also plan on buying the Helix Floor Pedalboard. For the HX Stomp does anyone know if there are any Presets out there that would mimic a 12 String Electric Guitar. Has anyone created any for Stomp Box? I have the Mosaic Pedal by Digitech. Cool pedal but I want to try to not use any analog pedals. I do have the analog pedals, Tube Sreamer, Boss Compressor, Boss Super Chorus, Phaser and the Mosaic. Thank you.
  6. Yes but where, there is output Mono right on the back of the stomp, I already have the 1/8" jack in the back of the spider, but where on the stomp do I plug in the new cable? There are so many ports and it is not working, there is the Send Stereo and return the Aux in on the side of the stomp. Then there the input output ports on the back. Thanks. Thanks...
  7. Hi Lungho, I bought the cable that you suggested the 1/4" cable. I plugged the 1/4" into the aux port of my spider, where do I connect the guitar jack to on the stomp? Thank you.
  8. Hi thank you lungho, you're the greatest!!
  9. Hey thank you rd2rk. For this!! Made my day! By any chance are in New York City?
  10. Hi all, you guys (and gals!) are great! Very informative on Line 6 stuff you are all providing. I have two other really HX Stomp Box questions. One does the Stomp come with a looper? And if it does or doesn't can I attach analog pedals to the Stomp? Will I be able to add a Looper Pedal to it? Thank you.
  11. omairangel

    Helix Stomp

    Hi, I have 2 problems: I own the HX Stomp, and I am absolutely loving it, but I have a couples of issues with it. Problem 1: I have a Spider V 30 Watt amp and I would like to hear the sounds from the HX Stomp Box to go into my Spider V amp. I have everything hooked up, running a guitar cable from my guitar to the Stomp Box, and then I got another guitar cable going from the Stomp Box the Spider V. But when I start playing all I am hearing are the presets from the Spider V. I don’t have the Spider V software on, so is there a way I bypass the sounds of the Spider V and just hear the sounds from the Stomp? Any advice would help. Thank you. Now Problem 2: I have the stomp box on my desk, I don’t want to put it on the floor, so is there a way I can hook up some kind of a foot switch to it so that I switch between presets, or to switch to different snap shots? Say I was playing a song, where one part of song has a chorus drive on it, but then other part of the song I want to add overdrive and switch back and forth the Chorus and Drive? Is there a way to do this? Thank you very much. Regards, Angel Martinez
  12. Thank you ADBrown, I am using the Spider V amp and also use the HX Stomp box. Thank you again. I wonder if I can that sound with these devices...
  13. Hi everyone, I am kind of hooked on that Ozzy Osbourne song, "See You On the Other Side" Zakk Wylde is playing guitar on this. I would like to know effects is he using in the Intro. I can't quite figure that out. Can someone help? Does any have a preset for this? have tried to look on you tube, but found nothing really detailed. Thank you all so much in advance for your help.
  14. Hi everyone, I downloaded a Paisley Print Preset, from Steve Sterlacci's site and I am trying to import and/or drag the preset into my HX Stomp, but I got this message: "HX Edit was unable to import presets in this set due to the following errors: -8704 - Preset Translation not supported, too many parallel dsp paths". Can anyone please help out? Thanks...I guess I should ask this first, if the preset was compatible with the HX Stomp? I believe that preset was for the HX Native?
  15. Hello again everyone, I have a question, has anyone ever created a pre-set for the ozzy osbourne song, "See You On the Other Side" I can't quite get the effects yet? I think this is a really cool song!! Thank you.
  16. omairangel

    Helix Stomp

    Hi everyone, I got the Helix Stomp and I am having a great time with all the presets that alot of users have put on the webiste. I downloaded several of them and they are fantastic. The question I have is that I filled in all of the empty slots to store the presets. Is there any I can have more presets? I moved alot of the presets that came with the stomp to a backup folder that I have and have put several of the free presets in their place. Can I add more presets to the Stomp? Also, does anyone have any presets that contain sound of the rolling stones and possibly a 12 string sound. I haven't been to figure out how to do this. Can anyone please help? Thank you.
  17. Hi there I have a question, I own the Spider V MKIi amp and it is absolutely awesome! My quesiton is I am getting the Helix Stomp Box today and I would like to know are the presets the same on both the Helix Stomp and Spider V MK amp? Please let me know. Thank you. Regards, Angel Martinez
  18. Hi everyone, I need someone's help. I think this site is great, and I have been having so much fun using the Amp Simulators and the Pedals, but I don't see any pedals have the sound of an electric 12 string guitar. Does anyone know of any? I love the Overdrive distortion, Fuzz and all the effects, but I don't see anything that sounds like it. Please help. Thanks..
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