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  1. My amplifi is plugged into the frontal USB slot without usb hub. There is no other audio device hooked up at the time besides that.
  2. Yes I have, I installed both the driver for amplifi + the line 6 updater
  3. https://gyazo.com/a5555f60913861d3973622e53ac7a0d1 My system is recognizing Ampli as a sound device. Yet nothing will run, Media Player will freeze. YouTube video will freeze etc.. I've searched everywhere. How can I fix this?
  4. Is this website dead? I just bought this damn thing for 1 bloody reason.
  5. I'm trying to use my Amplifi for audio to play songs off YouTube etc...No audio comes out, my YouTube video is frozen.
  6. So I can plug it into my computer then? And open open the gearbox software and it should emmit sound?
  7. I've been using the amplifi 150 for a few months now, and I recently bought the pedal "POD X3 Live" I've never used a pedal before. But anyways, I plugged my guitar into the "guitar in" input on the pod, and had a 1/4 jack running out from the Left Mono right beside the guitar in, and had that run into my amplfi 150. It's playing sound, but I can hear my amp's sounds/effects as well as the pod's sounds. It sounds like crap. Is the amp supposed to put out it's effects too?
  8. What is DAW? And I'm using guitar rig5, and it doesn't show up in my aiso devices. Is GR5 not supported?
  9. Okay so I updated and it's not showing up in my guitar rig 5. And yes I did the driver update. And update was now succesful.
  10. Settings in my iPhone? Because their is no such option. And for the amplifi utility there is only two settings 'My account' and 'help'.
  11. I'm using iphone, but that's not the problem. I can't update the stupid firmware for amplifi utility. On PC. It just downloads endlessly and that now causes the iphone to not be able to connect to the amp anymore.
  12. This lollipoping ridicolous, admins read all our threads about this yet they provie absolutely 0 assistance. We spent crazy amounts of money on these lollipoping amps. And you can't even respond to us.
  13. So I tried to update to the newest software first of all it failed haven't even updated. But now I can't even connect to my amplifi with my phone. What the hell...
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