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  1. Update. I have sorted my problem. First I used a Midi Mate 11 to update the firmware (This is a premium USB to midi lead) it is now on v2.0. I changed the lead to a Cat 6, the one I was using was a Cat 5. So Phil_m was correct. I tested the Cat 5 and it worked but obviously it was not good enough for the data flow between the FBV and Spider valve. I would like to thank you for your advice in helping me to sort this frustrating episode. I hope my response is helpful to others. Cheers
  2. From reading the manual, it seems that the spider valve amp will only work with the FBV when it has v1.18 or higher. This seems strange to me that a company would release a product that is incompatible with a vital accessory without it being updated. I do not know how old my amp is, as I bought it second hand, so it would appear that the previous owner never used a footswitch. I still need to know whether the amp will just allow me to update via midi without it being in a particular mode, obviously the amp doesn't see the FBV and the FBV doesn't see the amp (its display reads: FBV SB M11, when plugged to the Spider), so midi is my only option.
  3. Hi I have checked the lead, it is fine and the pedal seems to be OK. I noticed that the firmware on the spider valve 112 is 1.17 I have attempted to update it with monkey but it is not seen with the cat5 lead connected to the fbv shortboard and the USB to the computer. I disconnected everything and tried a USB to MIDI link between the computer and the amp; selected the spider valve 11 from the list and chose to update the amp. It downloads v2 and tries to update but then comes to a halt with an error message, suggesting I try again. I have ensured that the midi leads are connected properly (out to in and in to out). My question is this. Does the amp need to be set to a state where it will accept the update? Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. My question is this I have just bought a SH Line 6 Spider valve 112 Mk11 and a FBV shortboard Mk 11 connected with an Ethernet cable all I get on the display of the shortboard is FBV SB M11 and no lights on the buttons and no way to switch between Wah and Volume. If I press any buttons on the pedal it does change settings on the amp but there is no display change on the pedal. I have updated the firmware for the pedal and calibrated as instructed by the online manual. When getting to the point of pressing D after verifying that the pedal is changing through 0 to 127 it sticks at whatever position the volume/ wah pedal was at and that is it. Is it a cable problem or a fault with the amp or fbv?
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