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  1. is it possible to change pre set one on the amp, to be clear of all amps, cabs, effects etc, then just use the fx100 for the modelling connected to the amplifi app? i already have the fx100 but also want the amp for the full range speaker set up.
  2. Hi can the fx100 be used with the amplifi 150 or will they conflict? thanks
  3. Hi, thought i'd share my experience. Only had my JTV59 a couple of weeks and after reading this post decided to change the stock strings, (D'addario 10s), i had a set of the new D'addario NYXL 9s which i decided to use, this is the first time i've used these on any guitar. The strings have made a huge difference to an already great guitar, most noticably on the accoustic models, i had the same issues as other users already stated on here but now they sound like a true accoustic, the difference has amazed me. It seems there are no hard and fast rules to which string to choose and a lot is down to personal preference but it has to be said, different types of strings can make a massive difference to the modelling of the guitar.
  4. Thanks for that, hopefully find time today to try it out
  5. Hi everyone, just treated myself to a variax jt 59 and the fx100, two amazing pieces of kit, just wondered if any one has produced tones best used for the acoustic and reso models on the variax? i can get amazing tones for these through my old korg pedal board but cant seem to emulate that, i'm sure its in there wiith the amount of options, just looking for a short cut really, also i'm considering replacing my trusty Marshall for the Amplifi 150, i'm aware it does the same modelling as the fx100 but love the speaker set up and how music sounds streamed through it, does anyone have both or have any opinions on whether its worth it. thanks for your time, from a newly converted purist.
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