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  1. With respect to hearing a difference between the POD and DT, If I've understood the thread I think Line6 has an explanation in their FAQ: http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/amplifiers/dt50dt25/dt50dt25-faq-r144 The question which spurs the answer I think this thread is mainly pointed at is: Q: How does the modeling of the DT50/DT25 contribute to the overall tone? ....this FAQ explains how the DT circuits are designed to operate, and then ends with.... Lastly, when using Low Volume Mode on the DT amp with a POD HD connected via L6 Link, the sound of a 'Pre' amp model selected on the POD preset will sound slightly different if an identical amp model is selected on the DT amplifier (on Channel B ). This is because when using the Low Volume Mode on the DT amp with L6 Link, Channel A on the DT amp with the POD modeling is still using the just the PRE amp model with the scaled Master Volume knob, whereas Channel B on the DT amp uses the preamp AND power amp modeling with the scaled Master Volume. The inclusion of the power modeling is what makes it sound differently. If I've missed the mark (i.e. its not a low volume confusion) then I'll be up to speed soon enough. Just bought a DT50 to pair with my HD500. Pick it up tomorrow! I too will enjoy the relentless tweaking...
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