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  1. I can speak to the set up out of the box and the variax cable v regular: I bought a used, non American JTV69 from GC to see if I liked it. Wow. Loved it right away. It didn't come with a battery so I had to buy that separately. Even the stock pickups sounded amazing to me. A little background for context, I started out my electric playing career on a Texas Special Strat - three single coils. Loved playing that for years. Then literally fell in live with the sound from a 59VOS Es335. Ouch, $4k. Then started getting a hankering for a Les Paul. There are so many models of LPs that I decided to go for a variax before getting into that. K, now back to the used JTV59. I ordered a battery and it came without a charger, and buying the charger would bring my total cost up to really near the cost of a new one. So, I made the leap and bought a new JTV59 cherry burst. OML, the "Lester", strat and tele models are amazing. Have you ever dreamed of switching guitars mid-solo? I hadn't, but now I almost can't image not being able to. The jtv59s come with fat, set necks, so probably not for you, but I wanted to answer your question about the condition of the guitar straight out of the box and the cable. Out Of Box Set Up: Set up was passable. Intonation was pretty spot on. Action was a little high, but they have to do that because the piezo will give you terrible thwaking from the low pitch strings if they buzz. I have worked it a bit to get it a little lower and I am somewhat happy with it. I'd like it to be lower. I. Going to work with a Luther to see about a b string buzz that, once removed, would allow for better action. Variax Cable v 1/4" I use HelixLT. So, JTV59 to Variax Cable to Helix. I can't tell the difference. There might be a difference, but I use the variax cable exclusively. I switched it to my Line 6 wireless and I couldn't hear the difference at low volumes. I didn't crank it though. Lastly, I'm here looking at this forum because I'm wondering if there is a marked difference in the american made version. The reason I'm wondering is because this has become my #1. I really enjoy playing it and the versatility it provides. Iit isn't perfect,, but the sounds it produces are worth the trade off. Its a pretty high quality instrument, but I might be willing to pay the extra for a superb model.
  2. Hi, Everybody. Does anyone know how to tell the difference between the Koren and US models? Are the serial numbers formatted differently or?
  3. I see. Good point. Hmmm.... Thanks A lot!! Now I have more gear to look into. I actually have been eyeballing the axe fx set up too, but I'm a live player and so the midi foot controller just doesn't have what I want.
  4. I liked the idea of the Firehawk but I have never been happy enough with the in ear monitor mix to be able to completely let the amp go. I play at the back of the stage with my amp facing me and one in ear monitor out so that I get the acoustic sound of my amp but it keeps the sound mostly backstage.
  5. Bye the way - thanks to each of you for your input and help. All of this information is super helpful. I'm on mobile so can't seem to bringquotes into my reply, but I wiuld like to know if anyone can tell me some steps to take to get the suggested Fender Amp to sound like the Bayou. If possible, maybe even some general guidelines for amp tweaking. I am usually looking to 'warm up' the sound but not always. I play a RA ES335 and a Texas Special Strat (SSS). Thanks so much for your help!
  6. Hi! I just purchased a POD HD 500X. I am currently an X3 Live player and was thinking to upgrade to the HD 500X and then buy a DT series amp to get the full modeling effect. I currently have a sweet Fender Concert amp that I am using as a power amp. The set up sounds really nice, but the blackplate tubes that I have in it saturate too much for some of the sharper sounds that I want to be able to make. So, I thought I'd completely buy in (the x3 live was a tester and it won me over - I have liquidated my entire pedal board full of vintage/modded, analog pedals) and go for the HD 500X and a DT amp. One sound in the X3 Live is an amp model called "CC- Line 6 Bayou" which is not present on my HD 500X. Can I get it for the HD 500X? That's kind of a deal breaker because the combination of that amp and my guitar si super sweet & I now must have it!!! Thanks for your help!
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