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  1. Yeah so just got a Powercab, I love it and it looks and sounds great. Sucks that the HXStomp doesn't have a link out but more bizarrely that the IRs I bought from Line6s store won't work on it. Are we going to get an update for this? If so when. Thank you
  2. The controller does what I want. It is allows you to switch up and down scenes across all folders. Recommended. It is tiny as well. You can also easily switch into looper control mode by holding down both buttons.
  3. Thanks phil_m! The DMC arrives tomorrow so will test it out. Hopefully I can just switch to the scene in folder 2 and in doing so have switched folders.
  4. I just bought a DMC-2 Gen2 midi foot controller with the idea that I will be able to switch folders on my M9 with the two buttons. Now after pouring through the docs I am starting to wonder whether this will be possible. It seems I will only be able to choose 2 effects to jump to, say folder 2 scene 1 for example. If not would it be possible to please get this functionality added? I would like two options: select previous folder select next folder ?
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