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  1. Got it all figured out. Had a gig last weekend. Sent one signal to FOH and another, totally different EQ etc. to IEM's. Even figured up another one where I can add my cab on stage if needed. The helix is extremely flexible and sounds incredible. Thanks for your help.
  2. Thanks! I figured there was a way to do it. Now question is to have a very dry, raw signal go to FOH or at least have the amp and cab in the path only and set to flat eq and make my adjustments through the mixer like I normally do? I’ll have to experiment with an active speaker to see if I can make tonal adjustments through in ears side without changing the speaker. Thanks again. I thought you sent the same link, didn’t realize you sent one with separate paths. Been away from home and the helix. I’ll check out your second and third and get back to you. I did notice the split and panned outputs in the first one you sent. I still have a guitar wireless and power conditioner strip to incorporate into this helix setup that’s still on my pedalboard. Wondering if I can do similar with a helix stomp since it’s such a small footprint. But I know I get less blocks to work with, no XLR’s etc. I may have to look at racking those items and placing them by my bass on the back line. Thanks for your help!
  3. With your example setup I'll have the exact same EQ for FOH and In Ears, which I don't prefer to run that way. I want independent control over everything. You gave me the idea and I ran with it LOL.
  4. Here's what I did R Pre L Post.hlx
  5. I did. I don't want different amp/cabs I didn't explain. Found what amp/cab I could use on both paths and still have great sound and DSP left. I want bass tone to FOH but not necessarily the same EQ. It might sound completely different! In ear speakers vs 18" subs. What sounds great in one doesn't mean it'll sound that great through the other end. I've been doing this for years and it always sounds fantastic. I'll keep FOH, R PRE set flat and make the EQ adjustments at the mixer via iPad out front using the looper function while the band is playing, that's cool. This way I'll have the exact same base to start off at every venue. Plus we save snapshots of our venues so if everything is set flat on my end, dialing in is no problem. Both paths get a +3 db boost during small solo's, a compressor, slight plate reverb on slow music to give it air. I don't run distortion of any kind, I have guitar players that handle that quite well, I want clean, clean tones. Thanks again!
  6. This works well! But I am limited on Path B what amp/cab I can use as it runs out of DSP. All depends what I use in Path A. But at least I have independent control of tones though. Cool! I'll find something I can live with.
  7. Thanks! I'll check that out!
  8. I’ll check that out once back at home. Will that configuration allow me to make adjustments to in ears without affecting FOH? Thanks!
  9. Hey all. Just got a helix and still learning it, probably for some time. Got it mainly for church with guitar and found out it has great bass tones as well. I would like to use it live but unsure if it’s capable of doing like my current rig. I’ve searched the manual and forums to no avail. My band goes ampless with in ears. I use a MB 800+ preamp with two xlr outs on it, to the mixer. One is set pre effects to FOH and post effects to in ears. I can adjust all gig long if necessary without affecting FOH. Are the xlr’s out of the helix capable of this? I see no pre/post selectors on the helix itself and find nothing in the settings to do this. Is the helix post only and if I change on the helix it also changes FOH? If so then I’ll stay with my current setup. Thanks.
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