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  1. Lol... Im saving up my slobber for when i pick up my pistol this week. gonna need a few rags for that one....but a tuna melt does sound pretty tasty right now. Im going on your recommendation and going to order them when i get to work.
  2. Ive seen a few different AKG models.... for what im going for, should i just pull the trigger on the AKG K240?
  3. I normally wouldnt care...i use el cheapo headphones from wal mart for listening to my music... but ive just always been very picky about my guitar sound even for just practicing... So i want something specifically made for this type of application.
  4. I get what your saying completely... Im very picky about things sounding as best as possible, even when i do practice...and for the $$$, it really sounds like im going to like the AKG K240 alot. ive checked them out online from your recommendation and im liking what im seeing very nicely
  5. I looked at your favorite AKG K240 and also saw the Sony MDR 7506........ if you had to pick between the 2, which one would be the better choice... i do have the $ to spend, but im buying a pistol this week so if i could save some $ it would help... Going to be using the headphones mainly for practicing, but also to do minor tweaking when my unit isnt hooked to my laptop
  6. I am wondering what the best headphones are for the hd500x. I have a price range of about $225-$250. Can anyone help me out with some suggestions and reasonings behind them please? Im new to this and want to get the right set the first time
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