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  1. Thanks guys. I don't understand why some people are having this issue and others not. Could it be in using an old iPad with old blue tooth or something? I suppose I could try the same on my iPhone 6 and if that's ok then it's obviously the old iPad. If it makes no difference should I return it to the store? Neal
  2. hi guys. Got my firehawk this week. I love the idea and how it works and editing my own tones is great... BUT... I keep getting this error... Load error - 21. Seem to get it when doing a lot of editing and 90% of the time using tones from the tone search. What on earth is going on? I can't live with this at all. If this isn't rectified it'll have to be returned to the shop. (I am happy to admit if I might be doing something wrong. Please help). And before any suggests, yes I am using the latest firmware and it is during Bluetooth tethering too. I use an iPad 2. I can't be the only one having this problem. Thanks
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