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  1. REALLY! I played for two hours in the park on Saturday and Sunday. No issues!
  2. Apparently there was. I just downloaded iOS12, and plugged in my Sonic Port VX. No clicks and pops so far!!!
  3. Well I definitely do have some good news: The Presonus Audiobox iOne sounds as good if not better with my new iPad than the Sonic Port VX and the response feels even faster, too. Even the guitar tone I got with the Direct switch was excellent. All this with no clicks or pops!!! The only down side is that it needs to be connected to a charger at the same time to work, but doesn't actually charge the iPad at the same time. Then again, my new iPad won't charge with the Sonic Port either... Interestingly, I've found that the three audio interfaces I've tried all have slightly different character. The iRig was darker (warmer, sweeter) than the Sonic Port VX, but the AudioBox is much brighter, and I had to re-EQ all the amp models with it, but this is probably a good thing. The Sonic Port is more neutral compared to either of those.
  4. Cool! How's the latency? I didn't get any clicks/pops with the iRig HD 2, but it was noticeably longer than the Sonic Port VX with Tonestack (though not with Mobile Pod because it seems there's now way to do better than 2ms of latency...). This was my experience both using headphones and my Fostex monitors.
  5. I'm having the same problem with my new iPad 9.7 even after trying several different cables and chargers. Should I contact Apple about this problem?
  6. Hello again. I regret to report that even after updating to the latest version iOS (11.4.1), I still heard the offending click/pop almost immediately upon starting Tonestack after connecting the Sonic Port VX...However I feel that it does have better latency and sound than the Sky Pig Rage Free Too audio interface I tried as an alternative solution. From here my options are to try another audio interface (like the Alesis Core 1), or give up on the new iPad in favor of an older tablet device that will work with the Sonic Port VX.
  7. I don't think the problem I am experiencing is RF interference. I have heard alien digital noises from my device when in close proximity to the amp and pickups. However that's RF noise getting picked up by the pickup and transformer coils. The clicking I'm suffering is a definitely a digital glitch. I DO get the clicks with an 2018 iPad 9.7 WI-FI model (no SIM/cellular). Besides I already tried airplane mode to fix the problem with no satisfactory result. My iPhone 6 Plus never clicked. So my best guess at this point is the problem is the newer processors or iOS versions. The iPhone 6 Plus uses an A8 processor. The latest iPad uses an A10 which was great attack fighter but maybe not such a great chip. We might assume newer means better, but my experience with Apple has shown me that Apple giveth and Apple taketh away. (When a company uses a bitten apple as its logo, we can expect some hubris from them.) I hope I'm wrong about this though, and very hopeful that the latest iOS update (11.4.1) may fix the problem because the iRig HD 2 I bought to replace it seems to have inferior latency to the Sonic Port VX. Unfortunately a friend is borrowing my Sonic Port VX now so I can't test it this.
  8. And here, too. I was using Sonic Port VX with my iPhone 6 Plus, and everything was just fine with iOS 9 and iOS 11. Then recently I replaced it with a new iPad 9.7 (the cheaper 2018 model running the latest version of iOS), and I get the random clicks and pops. It's very irritating, but at least it doesn't seem to show up in recordings.) I've tried ram flushes, restarts, airplane mode, and also charging at the same time (and this only works depended on which micro USB cable I connect to the iPad's charger.) The ram flush and simultaneous charging seems to mitigate the problem, but not totally eliminate it. I think that letting the app run in the background, and putting the display to sleep helps, too. Conversely, making adjustments to the app (Tonestack, lower latency that Mobile Pod. Sorry.) seems to cause the snap/crackle/pop. And yes, I did try increasing the buffer size as is recommended in the event of clicking/popping, but this just increases latency without solving the issue. Incidentally, this never seems to happen when I'm watching Nutlix on my iPad, but it did happen with iTunes. So the problem is the interface, rather than the app. Apple support said they're not aware of the issue, and "it must be a new thing." Their recommended solution? Bring my iPad to the Apple store to see if it's defective. My expensive solution? Try another audio interface that rhymes with sky pig rage free, too. I really didn't want another interface, but then again I didn't want the clicks and pops even more. The irony is that I never considered using a modeling app until I got the Sonic Port VX/Mobile Pod, but now I can't use it for that purpose anymore. I'd still prefer to if the issue can be fixed.
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