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  1. Thanks for the response! I think after reading it, I had multiple main concerns! haha. I would say that one would be being able to switch tones and effects from the floor and not having to press buttons on the amp. And my second was wondering what would be best to play live. So it looks like fbv might be the way to go with those in mind. And a question to followup from your response...if I were to get the amplifi, does that basically render the Spider pointless?
  2. Hey everyone! I have a Spider IV 75 amp. So I know that the fbv mkii shortboard is used as a tool to enhance the experience with the amp and that the AmpliFi fx100 is a multi-effects pedal. I've been looking at purchasing the mkii, but then found out about the fx100. My noob question: Which one should i purchase? Is the amplifi pointless and not the right call to go with the amp? Will it work like the shortboard in that I can switch between tones I've made on the amp? I do also play live in a small setting and have just been setting up a microphone to the amp. Thanks for the help! And if you need me to clarify anything just let me know. Albert
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