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  1. And the verdict - replacement unit was just as bad as the original... :-( Set it all up at home - worked no problem, though the scan showed a lot of traffic on pretty much all channels. Set it up at a gig on Saturday and although it all connected OK I got drop-outs of 1-3 seconds during the soundcheck when I was only about 10 feet from the receiver. I had taken along my Sennheiser UHF system as a backup, so used that for the gig. Sadly the G70 will now be boxed up and returned for a refund - I am genuinely gutted, as the concept of the '5 pedals in 1' was perfect for what I need to do. I just can't see it ever being reliable enough to use without a backup, which kind of negates its usefulness to me - the whole point of buying it was to save time during setup. Could it be a Europe vs North America issue? Different domestic wi-fi types / strengths...? A lot of European users seem to have trouble, whereas I perceive the more positive comments coming from the USA.
  2. I bought the G70 (before reading the reviews....) new from Andertons in the UK last week. Was really excited by the connectivity and routing as I switch between electric (wireless) and steel guitar (with cable) during gigs. Anyway, it all worked fine at home. Got to a gig last Saturday and tried to connect - transmitter not recognised. So I did the scan and switched channels and got it working for the sound check. Set the transmitter to sleep mode - really cool feature! Anyway, we got up to play and lo and behold, transmitter not recognised! Tried a scan and then changed channel a couple of times, still no luck. Turned off and on again, still not recognised. Ran off stage and got a cable - job done, but very embarrassing! To their credit, Andertons have sent me a new unit via courier today, and picked the old one up, so I will try again in a couple of days at the next gig. My parting thoughts: 1.) I have gigged for years with UHF wireless systems (AKG and Sennheiser) and have NEVER had a dropout or issue with connectivity. Only problem was once when the cable came out of the guitar whilst I was sat on someone's shoulders, wandering through the audience - always a risk you take... ;-) 2.) My mobile phone registered that there was a strong, open, wi-fi signal at the gig where the G70 failed. Guessing this had something to do with the problem. 3.) Our double bass player has 2x G30 wireless units and initially I wondered if they were causing interference, but it was fine during sound check so I guess no problems there. 4.) If the new unit still plays up I shall probably go for Shure GLXD16 - or just stick to my Sennheiser system and have the separate tuner and ABY switcher pedals. Does anyone know if there is a comparable product on the market to rival the G70 for features? 5.) I love Line 6 stuff - really want to remain a believer!
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