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  1. Thanks for the reply, Phil..! Yes, agreed that things can't be fixed if they're not aware of them - hence, my subject line and context in the 'ask' of the community if there are still problems. The one thing about the form factor was the pedal style and connectivity (one user stated that when he opened the pedal, he found that the micro connectors for the antennas were loose/not connected. That could have an impact. I did look at all the primary on-line stores with reviews, and there were few at each and at least half were negative with NOTABLE dropouts as recent as August 2016 - and all stating they were at the latest code, too. It's not a perfect science and would like the Line 6, but trying to get some supporting evidence others are using it with minimal issues. Txs
  2. Any more feedback on this thread..? Still having issues..? Resolved with firmware update or antenna connector issues..? Would like to buy the Line 6 G70, but after these comments and issues, leaning toward the Shure GLXD16. Thanks!
  3. Line 6 / Members - Surprised to NOT see much activity in the forum on the continued dropout issues for the G70 wireless (even with the important firmware update). I am in the process of getting new wireless for my guitar and as I've searched all over the internet (Amazon, Sweetwater, MusFriend, Guitar Center, etc..), the personal reviews are consistently still complaints of major dropouts for the product (as of August 2016 - even with the latest firmware upgrade). Has Line 6 continued to investigate the issue and dissatisfaction with users/owners of the product or is it just considered a viable product "as is"..? Anyone else out there having these dropout issues..? Txs..!
  4. Hi All - One of the best and most efficient cabling systems is the Planet Waves modular snake. You can buy with ends on then (eight channels) and simply have 1 DB-25 connector on your pedalboard to plug in. The only thing that's not possible is the AC power. You could have to run that separately. I've purchased the 8-channel pigtails and put my own ends on them (XLR, TS, TRS, and MIDI) and then matched the other side for the rack/board/amp. I've built many of these setups for several of my guitar friends and use these exclusively with my band's sound setup (i.e. - an eight channel snake for the drummer, bass player, etc...). Thanks!
  5. Hi GrittyNitty... Hate to ask, but with 2.0 out, does that mean you'll need to update your list..? Many differences...? Txs for your hard work on this..!!
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