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  1. Mortkort, you may want to edit this post. Without doing any further research (my bad) I followed your advice. It didn't just reset my Helix, it Factory reset it. All my mods and custom presets are now gone, but it did fix my freezing issue.
  2. Heya, If you haven't solved this problem yet, I just figured out how, and I made a forum post here: http://line6.com/support/topic/21568-error-1114-dynamic-link-library-dll-intialization-routine-failed/
  3. Hi all trouble-havers :angry: , In case you're having the error "error 1114 dynamic link library (DLL) intialization routine failed" when trying to open your recently installed Helix Editor application, refer to the following YouTube video and follow the instructions ( ). It appears to have something to do with laptops circa 2010-2012 that have switchable graphics. I tried my damndest and even opened a Line 6 trouble ticket (to no avail...they ended up telling me to contact Microsoft) to get this solved, but I just stumbled on this and now I can finally open the Line 6 Helix editor without errors. Hope this helps someone!
  4. The spreadsheet is here! Helix Models.xlsx
  5. Can you point me to the correct web address for uploading directly to the forums? Thanks
  6. Hi radatats, I just fixed this issue. I couldn't figure out how to directly upload the file to the forums, so I had to use a third party file sharing site. Hope it works OK
  7. Hey Everybody, I just spent a couple hours copying every model (effects, amps, cabs, etc.) from the Helix owner's manual into an Excel spreadsheet. The first tab (ALL MODELS) should be printable going down the whole list. I also took every model type and put it on its own tab: distortion models, dynamics, etc. Best part is, I even took a screenshot of the owner's manual pdf and exactly matched the color coding from the Line 6 Helix owner's manual. Here's hoping somebody enjoys my hard work! This should be a good way to see which "real world" models correspond to which model. Here it is: Helix Models.xlsx Enjoy!
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