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  1. How would I go about connecting a Pod X3 bean to a power engine 60 using standard 1/4" instrument cable? I see the Pod X3 has a left and right output. Do I have to run two 1/4" out of the left and right, then Y them into a single input into the PE60? I'm not exactly sure how it works. I looked through the downloadable manuals but it's still not clear.
  2. I finally got the right cable for my new Pod X3 (well new to me). I'm trying to dial in some tones, and have watched some videos on youtube. I found one that was for a Pod HD Pro, but I figured I could replicate as close as possible. In part of the setup he refers to a lo-cut and a high pass. and dB's and Hz. But I'm lost when it comes to that point. I looked up the Advanced X3 guide on line 6 website, but I'm still confused as to what each knob will do. Or what ones are similar to this Lo-cut and high pass filters he has on his Pod HD Pro. I know the options on my X3 are: Lo Fq – sets the corner frequency of the low-shelf filter, affecting all sound at and below the frequency you select. Lo Gn – adjusts the gain or cut amount of the low-shelf filter. Lm Fq – sets the corner frequency of the low-mid peaking filter, affecting all sound at and around the frequency you select. Lm Gn – adjusts the gain or cut of the low-mid peaking filter. Hm Fq – sets the corner frequency of the high-mid peaking filter, affecting all sound at and around the frequency you select. Hm Gn – adjusts the gain or cut of the high-mid peaking filter. Hi Fq – sets the corner frequency of the high shelf filter, affecting all sound at and above the frequency you select. Hi Gn – adjusts the gain or cut of the high-shelf filter. Can anyone help me out?
  3. I found them online . specifically made for the x3 by line 6. Looks like I'll be ordering one.
  4. So my pod x3 just came in, but guitar center sent me a Dunlop charger not the line 6 px2 for the x3. It won't fit in the hole. I don't have any other chargers that Will fit either. Do they just plug in tight or are they a special size.
  5. I found some of the PE60 on craigslist a guy has two for sale. one for $200.00, both for $375.00. The atomics look promising, but are out of my price range. As far as the speakers go, I would want to run two right? Or could I just use one? Might be a silly question, but could I still use the dual amp feature of the X3 if I'm only runnign one speaker? Would it sound alright still being mono instead of stereo? Same question for running a single PE60. Sorry to sound like a noob, but my Line 6 spider II 75w is all I've ever known for quite some time now.
  6. My bad, messed that post up. I was going to quote then say, I'll probably try that first. Put my amp on a clean channel, then direct in. It doesn't have an fx loop unfortunately. Have any recommended frfr speakers?
  7. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum as of today. First off, I'll tell a little bit about myself as a guitarist. I've been playing since I was about 12, so about 11 years now. Played in a band for a short period in highschool, now I just fiddle around more of a hobbiest. Mostly do covers, and make up some of my own music. Started off with a First act strat copy and a first act bass amp 15w (my parents weren't musically inclined and didn't know any better). I then moved to a Line 6 spider II 75W which I've had ever since with the FBV express pedal, and got an epiphone SG. Then I picked up a Schecter C-1 Artist with Seymour Duncan JB and 59 humbuckers, still have this guitar. Later picked up a Washburn WD-10S acoustic and still have that. And my main guitar is my Ibanez RG7421 with Dimarzio Crunchlab 7 and Liquifire 7 pickups. I play a variety of music from acoustic/clean stuff, to classic rock, to heavy metal, as well as downtuned and progressive metal style music. Mostly Rhythym. My G.F. has decided to get me a Used Pod X3 Bean after noticing me looking up a bunch of stuff on them. My question is as a bedroom guitarist mainly, what would be the best set up to go with? I've researched and have found info on the Tech 21 Power engine 60 which sounds good, as well as running through a stereo, or monitors, keyboard amps, acoustic amps, PA system, computer speakers, FRFR speakers/monitors, and I'm just not sure what I should try to work with. My funds are quite limited. Unfortunately my amp doesn't have the CD/mp3 input so I can bypass the pre amp. I'm looking for the most space saving, true to sound to just headphones plugged into the X3 option I can get that won't color the tone much and force me to do further tweaking of my tones. I'm also a little oblivious as to what cable methods I should be using once I get it. thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
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