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  1. I didn't have my notifications set up, I just saw these and about to try some stuff. Thanks for the responses! So, I was so laser focused on fixing this patch that I never thought to start a patch from scratch. It DID get a little better. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qkkg5c6w9m9ri56/AAD12Jrr5RdNzyJIm3GyhAfxa?dl=0 New Video/Audio Clip I'm using Line 6 Litigator into the base 1x12 US Deluxe, didn't change mics, distance, anything yet. I feel like I learned 2 things. -Arbitrator isn't loud enough on any amp. -Litigator seems to have trouble with distortion pedals, if they get loud enough they start to do that bassy air swell. I LOVE the Litigator sound and can't find anything to quite match it, none break up the same. I might just not have the setup I like all in one patch, which only sucks because I'll have to switch mode, switch patch, switch mode again just to get distortion. I could add a volume boots to hit and lock up one of my blocks. I haven't done a factory reset yet, I need to save some of my settings, but I'll try that.
  2. So, my clean tone sounds great on my current settings. But most distortion pedals are so quiet they are unusable. But they have tones I like. Similarly even with my FX Loop maxed out it's too quiet. The Compression pedal adds breakup and sounds great, it's not a problem. Here's a dropbox of me going through two different distortions I like that I cannot use. I have a video and an audio file recorded direct in. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bjsswhdz3dbknnx/AABdJTbgORgcwM_a7AVGIEH7a?dl=0https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bjsswhdz3dbknnx/AABdJTbgORgcwM_a7AVGIEH7a?dl=0 Someone said "turn up the tone on the distortion pedal so it'll sound louder. a) No it doesn't it just sounds thinner b)I shouldn't have to ruin tone to get volume. c) When I do max out the volume of a distortion pedal it sounds awful, it has those bass-y air swells, etc. while still not getting louder than the clean channel. I get amazing tones out of this thing, I just gotta figure this out. Thanks for your help!
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