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  1. Amplifi 150 up to date firmware, android 5.1.1 I too have pretty bad connection loss thru Bluetooth. I did some research on my own and found a few things. Streaming from Pandora radio had the worse drops, play music was not much better, YouTube was the best with only 1-2 drops per song (some songs had zero drops) and overall much more reliable connection while walking around. Another thing I found interesting was anytime I had music playing thru a different app and just opened YouTube the volume level would drop (muted a bit kind of like a notification came in) but would not restore to the previous volume until I paused and then restarted the music. So if I could only use YouTube then these issues almost wouldn't matter but obviously that is not the case. Hopefully this continues to get addressed because it is still unacceptable at this point.
  2. Recently purchased amplifi 150, downloaded and installed amplifi utility, am able to connect amplifi to PC, choose firmware, put it in update mode (tho my TONE light is still on - not sure what that's all about) hit "next" and it immediately skips a page and takes me to a "firmware update has failed" page with "Error while downloading update: HTTP request error." at the top. I have rebooted, am running Win7. We do not own anything with ios so that method is out. This is pretty frustrating... Thoughts? Suggestions?
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