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  1. Hello, Since my issue seems to be specific to me I'll open a new thread. I'm having issues with the driver crashing while playing video games. I don't know why, and it didn't happen in windows 8 hence why I'm turning to you guys. The spec is windows 10, driver version on the UX2. The problem appears like this. If I play spotify I can do this for hours. I intentionally left it open for many hours once just to test. Lo and behold it was still playing after a good nights sleep. I open a game and play for X amount of time, usually ranging from a mere 5 minutes to 1 hour the driver stops working. Everything goes silent except for this very silent pulse of sound that comes from my balanced speakers every 1-2 seconds. The way I fix it temporarily is by disconnecting the usb cable and reconnecting it. Of course, crashing drivers often also crashes the game I am playing. And it doesn't happen at specific events in the game or anything (such as many sounds being played at once). It just seems to be random. The same issue can be reproduced by just using the UX2 just as a mic input. After a while it hangs and output from the UX2 locks at a specific level. While I do this my creative usb soundcard is the sound output and it works without issues. Even though there seems to be a constant input signal according to windows, the signal does not carry into the application I use. It's just "stuck". I use the mic for communication in game so to those that listen to me it sounds like I just stopped talking for a while. The game does not freeze during this, nor does any voice communication software halt. I tried reinstalling the driver, and backing down in version is a no go as this is the only one that supports windows 10. Am I missing something or should I wait for the almighty coders of line 6 to come out with a new driver?
  2. The new drivers work for a while, then they hang. It's still unstable for me under windows 10 with UX2. I'm running according to line 6 monkey. The hang with a constant signal according to windows. I.e you see x amount of green bars lit up in the speaker settings, but you hear no sound. Except that after a while the speakers start outputting a pulse sound with a few seconds interleave. All applications that use the driver hang. I.e spotify, flash in firefox, games, audacity etc. When I check the status of the UX2 device, the advanced tab is gone and so forth. Same as with the previous driver. Then I switch to my creative usb card as default and then I can get sound again. Pretty ironic as creative is not the better option of the two. **EDIT** My issue is reproducible on my system. I tried reinstalling drivers and also rebooted. Still hangs after what seems to be a random amount of time. No error messages present in the windows event logger.
  3. I can get my ux2 to work if I set output quality to DVD in "advanced settings". However, it chokes up after a while and just makes a repeating pulse sound. However I have the same problem with audacity and teamspeak. Although those apps haven't to my knowledge been updated since windows 10 was released. So I think device enumeration broke in those applications. And to top it off we have an unstable driver on our hands from line 6. Please observe that my creative usb soundcard has the exact same problem with enumeration in audacity and teamspeak. I.e the problem is probably in respective developers hands. Line 6 is not entirely at fault for windows 10 issues.
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