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  1. Hey folks, I have the M5 and have created three custom presents...Delay/Reverb/Chorus. I have given each one a name and saved them. I have a MIDI controller hooked up and when I select my presets they will appear...but they show the old name and not the new name I gave them. Any idea why this is happening? Not a big issue...but kind of weird and it makes me sometimes think that it is not using my custom settings.
  2. I recently bought a loop pedal and hooked it up to my X3 Pro. The input of the loop pedal is coming from the FX Send, and the pedal output is going to FX Return. With this setup I get no sound and then my X3 Pro starts rebooting over and over. I instantly unhooked everything as I don't want to screw up my X3 Pro. Currently, X3 Pro to Amp to Marshall 4x12 cabinet. Any ideas on how this should be hooked up to work correctly? Thanks!
  3. I am not quite sure what you are saying here. Are you saying put a cable into those jacks, then put a "speaker connector" on the other end straight to the speakers?
  4. I am hoping someone will come to my rescue soon! It seems that I am just not getting some sort of signal from the red and black wire. Wondering if I could do a "jumper" wire from the two good wires going to the other speaker so that both speakers will work? I am not worried about stereo or things like that...but also don't want to blow up my amp.
  5. Hello everyone! First post here and hopefully someone can help shed some light on my issue. I noticed this morning that I only have sound coming out of one speaker on my Flextone II XL. Not sure how long this has been happening. I used a multi-meter on the speakers and they were good. I then pulled the red/black wires off (the bad ones) and switched them with the white/black wires. Now the "bad" speaker is working and the other speaker is not. I have narrowed it down to the red/black wires on the unit. So I pulled the board out and traced the wires and it looks like they are soldered to a motherboard of some kind. It looks like there is a good connection...so I am not sure of what my next steps would be. Any help would be appreciated...thanks! Troy
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