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  1. any possibility of replacing the bluetooth hardware so that i can get a better signal? software updates kind of improved it, but I loose the signal 6 feet away. This is the only disappointment. I think this is why the new spiders don't connect via blue tooth. any help is appriciated. i'll even buy the hardware if it improves it
  2. rsnagy40


    as far as i know yes. it's crazy. they just came out with the spider v with the looper built in. they came out with firehawk right after i bought the amplifi. firehawk originally did not have a looper but now it does. why can't they do this for amplifi upgrade? i feel like i'm being spoon fed there products with incomplete items. like apple.
  3. does workbench work connecting thru firehawk?
  4. Does the Variax standard fit a fender neck??????
  5. Thanks for the input. Since it has a usb I would think it would connect to a pc for Workbench. The other thing it should do is let me control my variax 500 from the IOS app itself. I guess I need to decide on how much I want to spend. Firehawk FX =$400 FH 1500 =$1000 This will be tough..
  6. I have sold my POD X3 and now need a new setup. I have a - 4 channel Keyboard amp (300 watts/4channel/ 15"woofer 1"tweet). - Variax 500 with a maple fender neck Should I just get the Firehawk FX that is suppose to allow me to modify my variax orrrr... Keep pa amp and buy the Firehawk FX? Opinions welcomed..
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