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  1. I had a lot of problems with this same thing on my two DT25’s and HD500x. First I set the volumes the same on amp A and amp B in the HD500X. Then I manually turned the volume knob on one Amp to match the other. Once you find the same volume don’t turn them. hope this helps Bill
  2. I currently have two DT25’s connected to my HD500X via L6 link and I love the left/right assignment and control I can do to each amp via the HD500X. However I am thinking of adding a third DT25 via L6 Link for a wet/dry/wet rig. My concerns/questions: - Will I be able to control my third amp functions (volume, tone, presence), like my left and right DT25’s from my HD500X? - If I set my left amp A and right amp B to wet, how will set my third amp C to dry? help please. Bill
  3. I currently have TWO DT25's connected to my HD500X and I like the Left/Right/Stereo functions of the HD500X's capabilities while using the TWO DT25's. However I am thiking about purchasing a third DT25 to setup a wet/dry/wet function. Q's While using three DT25's connected via L6 link will I be able to adjust the tripology/gain/tone/reverb/presence/volume for all three amps on my HD500X? Will I get three amp paths on my HD500X? (Amp A, Amp B, and Amp C)? How will I setup Left and Right amps to wet and center to dry? Thanks! Bill
  4. Schuvwj


    If I buy my replacement tubes for my DT25 from you/Line 6 will I get the correct tubes?
  5. Schuvwj

    How to use HD500X for effects only

    I have figured out how to set my Line 6 Spider V-240 to "no amp and no cab" kind like a flat response type power amp/speaker but on the HD500X the best I have found is a "no cab".
  6. Schuvwj

    Preset List for POD HD500X

    Thanks that fixed my missing variax setlist problem.
  7. Schuvwj

    Preset List for POD HD500X

    It was the variax setlist that was empty and software updated was through Line 6 Monkey.
  8. Schuvwj

    Preset List for POD HD500X

    I noticed that I do not have any Variax patches in my Variax list. Does anyone know why? Just bought my HD500X 3 weeks ago and I have down loaded all the software updates.
  9. Schuvwj


    I play a JTV-69 Variax, Amplifi 150, and Line 6 Shortboard MKII. Do I need to purchase and install a looper to get this function????? Wow, I hope not!! Any help?