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  1. Did the Tech tell you what he did to fix this I issue? My 89F is doing the exact same thing. D string is dead when using modeling only.
  2. I had a lot of problems with this same thing on my two DT25’s and HD500x. First I set the volumes the same on amp A and amp B in the HD500X. Then I manually turned the volume knob on one Amp to match the other. Once you find the same volume don’t turn them. hope this helps Bill
  3. I currently have two DT25’s connected to my HD500X via L6 link and I love the left/right assignment and control I can do to each amp via the HD500X. However I am thinking of adding a third DT25 via L6 Link for a wet/dry/wet rig. My concerns/questions: - Will I be able to control my third amp functions (volume, tone, presence), like my left and right DT25’s from my HD500X? - If I set my left amp A and right amp B to wet, how will set my third amp C to dry? help please. Bill
  4. I currently have TWO DT25's connected to my HD500X and I like the Left/Right/Stereo functions of the HD500X's capabilities while using the TWO DT25's. However I am thiking about purchasing a third DT25 to setup a wet/dry/wet function. Q's While using three DT25's connected via L6 link will I be able to adjust the tripology/gain/tone/reverb/presence/volume for all three amps on my HD500X? Will I get three amp paths on my HD500X? (Amp A, Amp B, and Amp C)? How will I setup Left and Right amps to wet and center to dry? Thanks! Bill
  5. Schuvwj


    If I buy my replacement tubes for my DT25 from you/Line 6 will I get the correct tubes?
  6. I have figured out how to set my Line 6 Spider V-240 to "no amp and no cab" kind like a flat response type power amp/speaker but on the HD500X the best I have found is a "no cab".
  7. Thanks that fixed my missing variax setlist problem.
  8. It was the variax setlist that was empty and software updated was through Line 6 Monkey.
  9. I noticed that I do not have any Variax patches in my Variax list. Does anyone know why? Just bought my HD500X 3 weeks ago and I have down loaded all the software updates.
  10. I play a JTV-69 Variax, Amplifi 150, and Line 6 Shortboard MKII. Do I need to purchase and install a looper to get this function????? Wow, I hope not!! Any help?
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