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  1. If any are you are heading over to the amp show in LA at Van Nuys, drop by the Matrix Amplification room on the first floor, we have a Helix set up to play with, hooked up to a variety of our amps and cabs. We have 2 new powered cabs, the FR10 and FR12 designed especially to pair up with the Helix, Full Range, Flat Response (FRFR) and seriously lightweight ... 9.7kg/21 lbs for the FR10? We've also been playing the Helix through our powerhouse FR212 cab, and it shakes the room ... If you have been looking for a lightweight, powered, FRFR cab to go with your Helix, come and have a look, or even if you just want a play with a Helix through some kickass 2x12's we'll be happy to see you.
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