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Found 3 results

  1. Howdy all, _Apologies moderators if this is in the wrong forum.. figured it might get a few more hits if it’s in the main forum_.. Having been part of the Fractal Forum (however no longer because I’m a loud and proud HELIX user J), and Kemper Forum, and now the Line 6 Helix forum, I’ve noticed that in particular here in the Helix forum, there’s a huge amount of FRFR discussions, but there’s minimal discussions about players that don’t necessarily use FRFR. This could quite easily be because the bigger majority of players in this Line 6 forum ARE mainly FRFR users/players. This isn’t an anti-FRFR topic or discussion, it’s more about expanding on this forum and perhaps growing the capabilities of the Helix and sharing wins/strategies/tones etc etc. On the Fractal and Kemper forums, there are many discussions about FRFR, but there’s also a lot of discussions and banter about power amps + cabs + Kemper or Axe FX, _not just FRFR_. Is it worth having a forum or chat room for the players that mainly use their Helix rig in a non-FRFR situation? It’s all well and good to download and trade patches with one another that are FRFR; however from what I can ascertain on this forum, at least 90% of all things discussed is FRFR based, with not a lot of input on power amp + cab + Helix and so forth. Again, having owned and played all 3 modellers, I personally keep resorting back to a valve power amp + cab + Helix because that not only works for me, but the band that I play in as well. FRFR is the perfect bedroom solution (which a majority of us forum’ites are, presumably), however, I just think it’d be good to have a place to chat, trade ideas etc that are not always FRFR based.. Food for thought I guess..
  2. If any are you are heading over to the amp show in LA at Van Nuys, drop by the Matrix Amplification room on the first floor, we have a Helix set up to play with, hooked up to a variety of our amps and cabs. We have 2 new powered cabs, the FR10 and FR12 designed especially to pair up with the Helix, Full Range, Flat Response (FRFR) and seriously lightweight ... 9.7kg/21 lbs for the FR10? We've also been playing the Helix through our powerhouse FR212 cab, and it shakes the room ... If you have been looking for a lightweight, powered, FRFR cab to go with your Helix, come and have a look, or even if you just want a play with a Helix through some kickass 2x12's we'll be happy to see you.
  3. When I use my gear at practice or live i use go > Pod Hd Pro > 2xXLR into Matrix GT800) > Matrix to 4x12 cab (using chanel's A+B and cab usually set to stereo. I often find that I turn both chanels on the Matrix get turned up to between 1 and 3 (o'clock) and the Pod up to 3-4 (o'clock) just to get loud enough at practice. Am I missing something or should those settings make the sound REALLY loud? I wouldn't have thought i'd need to turn them up that much, but I have to, and then it starts to lose the tone the louder I take it. I ask this because our other guitarist goes through a line 6 head unit (150w) and has a lot lower wattage, but it's still a hell of a lot louder (and clearer) I even turn up the amp volume on the patches, and nothing :/ -What is the best technical set up for playing through a cab? i.e. connections to and from all units, studio/direct output etc. -Is there a certain setting/method on the Pod which can drive the cab louder? Seams weird seeing as the Matrix is 400w per chanel compared to the 150w head unit and isn't as loud. -Could it possibly be the cab that is crap? It's a marshall, not sure what model but its got jcm900 in the corner. I'm just so confused as I would have thought my power amp would make my rig the loudest thing in the room. Any response is graetly appreciated and sorry if this appears a bit thick to some
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