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  1. Brokerhenry

    Selling Line 6 Stagescape M20d

    Hello fellas; I purchased my Line 6 Stagescape m20d mixer while in graduate school in Australia with the intention of using it as an interface. I was too busy to ever use it. I have probably turned it on for less than 20 hours total since I purchased it. I am seeking to sell it and the dust cover for US$1,250. Still have the original box. It's in great condition with no scratch on it. I am located in St. Paul, Minnesota. You can contact me here or through spencer_henry@hotmail.com Thanks. Henry
  2. Brokerhenry

    Studio setup

    Hello Rewolf48. Thank you for your recommendations. I will give it a go and provide feedback. Thanks man.
  3. Hello everyone; I would like to seek advice on the best way to connect up my gear to achieve my objective of working within Logic Pro X. The equipment I would like to hook up are: Stagescape M20d mixer; Korg Pa3X keyboard; Korg Minilogue synthesizer; MPC Renaissance drum kit; Rode NT2-A condenser microphone and MacBook Pro with Logic Pro X. I purchased the gear while in grad school in Australia and never got to use them as I was too busy with school. Now relocated to St. Paul Minnesota and wish to experiment to see what I can come up with. I would appreciate sharing knowledge on for example if I should connect the MPC Ren to the mixer through the Assignable Mix Outs or through the Left and Right Stereo Outs. My aim is to be able to trigger drum sequences on the pads, play keyboard and synthesizer and record vocals, then process them in Logic. I have a 32 gig SD card in the mixer and the MacBook Pro has a 1TB hard drive. Would the sounds be saved on the SD card or on the hard drive? I would really appreciate your feedback. I am a newbie at this. Thanks. Henry
  4. Hello. I need help to achieve the setup below and I hope someone could tell me how to achieve it. My mixer is the Stagescape M20d. My Korg Pa3X is connected to Input Line 15 and 16. My MPC Renaissance is connected to Input Line 13 and 14. The MPC Renaissance is connected by USB to my MacBook Pro. Yamaha HS8 monitors are connected to the Left and Right outputs. When I play a drum sequence on the MPC, I see the sequence in the workflow area in the MPC software on my computer. I would like help to be able to play the Korg and capture what I am playing in the workflow area of the MPC on the computer, if possible. I know I could connect the Korg directly to the MPC. But I was wondering if it is possible to achieve my goal as the equipments are both connected to the mixer. Thank you. Henry Spencer Sydney, Australia