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  1. compared to strymon,eventide,and lexicon,s its not the same quality imo but with a bit of tweaking they can sound very good.
  2. guess we will se in the future, i think i saw it had low latency, maybe a ram thing going on.
  3. seems to have a routing better or simular to the axe fx, how is the comparrison with the cpu,s more or less ?
  4. some spec here, not sure about this cpu compared to sharc / tiger sharc , pod/ axe ? A20 dual core Cortex A7 processor @ 1GHz
  5. i might invest the money if its that good, but i hope to see some demo,s and learn about the limits of effects compared to pod,axe
  6. i wonder if this would be a nice add on to the pod500x , it seems to run a lot of effects kinda like vst's , its linux based im not sure if it as powerfull as pod running a tigersharc,but i picture this duo mod on the top of my amp beeing controlled by the pod,kinda bringing it all up to axe fx level, anyone heard one of these mini linux multi effect things ?? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/modduo/mod-duo-the-limitless-multi-effects-pedal
  7. would be nice,could be used as tap tempo,tuner or other cc on/off values ,maybe a shortcut to global eq :)
  8. banjomaster


    Thanks guys, i can tweak them to sound quite nice, but i just need to accept that thay can not comptete with the more expensive brands imo, im mostly into the hall / plate thing, i kinda always hated spring reverbs :)
  9. banjomaster


    Hi All, im pretty happy with the hd 500x , but am i the only one who thinks the reverbs are a bit lacking, without this 3d kinda depth, im thinkning lexicon, also i use to own the axe fx2, it had killer verbs, its not that i expect the same from line6 with the much lower price tag,but still i think it could be improved, gimme HD Reverb please :)
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